01 August 2017

Salvation Army in need of ‘Back 2 School’ clothing donations

LA CROSSE – Hundreds of children are still waiting to be sponsored as the donations period for the ‘Back 2 School’ program continues.

‘Back 2 School’ is a collaborative program by The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities in La Crosse. Catholic Charities oversees the collection of school supplies, while The Salvation Army handles clothing for up to 500 students.  To meet the needs of those 500 students, community members are asked to individually sponsor each child. Currently, more than 200 children are without a sponsor.

“We’re running out of time and still need to get clothing for hundreds of students that are signed up,” said Nick Ragner of The Salvation Army of La Crosse. “We rely heavily on the community to make this program work. 500 students is a pretty large number, but we’ve done it before. We know we, and this community, can do it again.”

To become a sponsor, community members are asked to take tags that include a child’s name, age, and clothing sizes, purchase the clothing, and return it either to Valley View Mall or The Salvation Army of La Crosse.  Tags can be found at either of the mentioned locations.  Companies or organizations that would like to sponsor a large number of children are asked to call The Salvation Army at 608-782-6126. 

“The first day of school can really make or break a student’s entire school year,” said Ragner. “Something as simple as a brand new pair of shoes can act as a difference maker. Having brand new clothing brings a feeling of comfort and excitement to the student that can ultimately set them up for success.”

The deadline for clothing to be returned to the Valley View Mall pencil stand or The Salvation Army of La Crosse is Friday, August 11th.  Distribution of the clothing and school supplies will be held on Wednesday, August 16th at the La Crosse Center.

For more information on ‘Back 2 School’, visit www.SalvationArmyLaCrosse.org.